STDs: Are You At Risk?

I think have STD symptoms. Should I get tested?

If you’ve had sexual contact with a partner and notice any signs or symptoms of an STD, you should consider getting tested. Even if a STD symptom goes away, that doesn’t mean the STD is gone. It’s common for STD symptoms to be mild enough that they don’t bother you. Getting tested is the first step to helping you deal with the issue.

Beware... Your partner may not know he/she has an STD - you could become infected. 

Beware... Your partner may not tell the truth about their sexual past. 


Beware... You can have an STD with no symptoms; but still be contagious. 


Beware... 30-50 different kinds of STDs exist, 25 of which occur commonly. 


Beware... You should see a doctor if you or your partner has had sex with more than one person.

If you or your partner have had sex with more than one other person...

Yes, you are at risk (view PDF).


Be Informed of

The Most Common STDs