Your Pocket Change Can Change A Life

Yes, your pennies, nickels and dimes can not only make a difference, but can change a life for the better. Caring Hearts Pregnancy Center needs willing individuals to hold a Baby Bottle Campaign in their local church, Life Group or Business. This is EASY! You can be a HERO without wearing a cape or fighting fires.

Pick a month that is best for you and your church; you will want to talk to your Pastor or Employer first. We will supply the baby bottles and any other supplies that you need. Announce and advertise a few weeks before the month of your Campaign and then allow individuals to sign a bottle out. They have one month to fill their bottle with their pocket change. During the Campaign you will announce and advertise the return date of the bottles. Simply collect the bottles full of change and return them to us or we will come pick them up.

Your willingness to make this happen will allow us to provide for our Earn While You Learn Program. This program helps mothers see that when they choose to give life that we will mentor them on a weekly basis and allow them to earn diapers, formula, baby clothes, nursery needs and more. Our Earn While You Learn program allows us to invest in clients lives and show them who God is. This program takes money in order to purchase the needed items and a Baby Bottle Campaign is a perfect way to help provide.

We ask that you prayerfully talk to your Pastor, Women’s Ministry Leader or your Boss. Take action today; it's an easy way for you and others to actually save an unborn baby's life as well as change a life for the better.

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