Would you put on a Baby Bottle Boomerang?

Each year around Mother’s Day, we ask individual (like yourself) to put on a, “Baby Bottle

Boomerang.” Baby bottles are given out to churches, fellow employees, youth groups, individuals, and families, etc. Spare change is collected and put inside the baby bottles. We will

supply the baby bottles, flyers and information regarding who and what Caring Hearts Pregnancy Center does for your surrounding community. Four to six weeks later, the bottles full of change, checks and other cash are collected. Would you please discuss having a Baby Bottle Boomerang with your fellow employees, Pastor, Bible/Life groups and friends. It truly is one of the easiest ways to help Caring Hearts Pregnancy Center. Your pocket change WILL help CHANGE a life! Here are some suggestions of when baby bottle boomerangs are typically held.  Mother’s Day—Father’s Day  Vacation Bible