Volunteer Spotlight, Sue Castle

My name is Sue Castle. I have two beautiful daughters, two son-in-laws and six grandkids ages 7 through 22. They all have a relationship with the Lord Jesus and are so precious to me. I am blessed!

I have been volunteering with Caring Hearts off and on for over twenty years. I try to be obedient to what God puts on my heart, knowing that as inadequate as I feel, He can use even me when I allow Him to do what He has called me to do. After hearing Brenda Dawson share her passion and experiences volunteering here, I felt God’s heart for the girls and young women who seek help here. I have mainly served as a Counselor/Mentor for those first coming in for Pregnancy Tests. I can not truly express the joy I get from just listening to and guiding these girls who so need someone to talk to. I have been able to bring God into their situation. I share His great love for them and the answers and guidance He can offer through any and all things they might be going through.

I have also led many girls through our HUGS Bible Study, teaching them to become grounded in God’s Word. I am currently learning to lead the girls through parenting classes as well.

This ministry is truly a “God Thing”. It has been a joy and privilege to watch how God has provided, protected and blessed all of us involved on the front lines of the battle for hurting young women and the lives of their babies.