Volunteer Spotlight, Kathy Minkner

My name is Kathy Minkner. I have been married to my husband, Frank, for 41 years. We moved to Arkansas from Oklahoma to be near our son, daughter-in-law, and our two grandkids.

The Lord was leading me to be involved in a pregnancy center before we moved here, but due to distance, I was not able to. When we moved here, I met one of the volunteers from Caring Hearts Pregnancy Center at church. I visited the center in order to find out more information. Having had an abortion myself in my early 20’s, I know the pain and the consequences of not only having an abortion, but keeping it a secret and refusing to deal with it for years. I have been volunteering at Caring Hearts for a little over a year now. I love how Caring Hearts has so many different programs available to help women— from counseling during pregnancy tests, providing free ultrasounds, giving honest information regarding their options, Bible Studies to help them grow with the Lord, filling diaper bags with great stuff for their newborns, parenting classes, healing post-abortion classes, and so much more. This is all done in the name of the Lord in order to lovingly care for hurting and needy women. If you have a heart for