Volunteer Spotlight, Donna Dennis

My name is Donna Dennis. I have been married to my husband, Randy, for 43 years. I have seven

children and (so far) twenty-three grandchildren. I began volunteering at Caring Hearts in 2013 because I watched and listened to my friend, Karen Baker. She would come to Bible Study and tell us how God was using her to change and shape lives for Christ. I wanted to do that.

I started out doing the H.U.G.S (Helping You Grow Stronger) Bible studies. When I wasn’t busy, I would work in the “supply” closet—stocking shelves and organizing clothes bins of items that were donated. I began to see that there was a very big need there. There was always someone willing to do a Bible study or parenting class, but not everyone wanted to work in the back room.

Gradually that became my volunteer job. While I am no longer directly working with clients, I am making it possible for those who do, to have an easier time finding and giving out supplies. I still meet many moms and small kids as I move around the center. I thoroughly enjoy what God has directed me to do.