Volunteer Spotlight: Camie Boshears

“ I started volunteering here in September of 2016. I have been trained as a Client Advocate, but spend most of my time performing ultrasounds. I have always wanted to volunteer at a faith-based Crisis Pregnancy Center. I am an RN and taught pregnancy classes for first time parents for 12 years. During this time, I occasionally have the incredible opportunity to serve as a Labor Doula. I love pregnancy, birth and babies! Most of all, the reason I volunteer at CHPC is because I believe in LIFE. God has blessed me with the wonderful privilege of being a mother to four children. Motherhood has been life changing for me—ultimately leading to a deeper relationship with my Lord Jesus. The best things I love at volunteering at the center is being on the “front-line”. These ladies enter our clinic in a crisis. They feel scared and alone. What a perfect opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ. Another added bonus, I have so enjoyed getting to work alongside such amazing women of faith. Every day I serve at the center, I leave encouraged and renewed.