• Kara McBrayer

Social Media: Find Us, Like Us, Share us

Did you know that Caring Hearts Pregnancy Center has a Web-site, Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram? Social media for a Non-profit is no easy task, though it is essential in keeping up with the fast paced society we live in. We want all our donors, clients, supporters, and their friends to be involved with what we do. Each of our platforms gives you an inside scoop of what's going on at our Center.

Facebook is used to post updates and keep you informed of the good things happening on a weekly basis. Facebook has the ability for you to create your very own fundraisers. So please, create fundraisers for our Center for birthdays or big events, like our banquet every fall. Twitter is for quick posts, reminders, and photos. Instagram is similar to Facebook but with eye catching photos. The Web-site is initially to educate clients. Supporters can learn more by clicking, “Get Involved”.

Pssst! Don't forget to use hashtags like #CHPC, #caringhearts, and #donate.