• Kara McBrayer

Let's Go Krogering... When You Shop, Kroger Will Give to Caring Hearts

When you shop with Kroger for groceries or gas be sure to have a Kroger card. Your Kroger card not only gives you discounts, but it also gives a percentage of your spending to Caring Hearts Pregnancy Center in North Little Rock. It’s a community program. Kroger keeps track of how many individuals select Caring Hearts Pregnancy Center as the community non-profit of their choice and mails a check quarterly. We’ve learned that many citizens are not aware of this super easy way to give to the Pregnancy Center without it costing them a dime.

Simply do the following: Go to www.Kroger.com, click on Community Rewards, sign into your account or create an account if you do not have one, and then select “Caring Hearts Pregnancy Center or use the NPO# 30522 as our organization's number. It’s that easy. Now every time you make a purchase with your Kroger card, Kroger will give to Caring Hearts.

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