Client Corner, Yamilex

My name is Yamilex. I have been coming to the Caring Hearts Pregnancy Center since October of 2014. I have completed the HUGS program with each of my children. My grandmother was very religious and would sometimes take me to church. Her words stuck with me that there was a God and that He loves me very much. I had a difficult childhood. I had health problems, was bullied in school, and abused. I didn’t realize how this affected me as I was growing up. I started hanging out with the wrong people and doing things I knew were wrong. My mom had her own battles with marriages and depression. I tried to find love in the wrong places. I finally decided to straighten up. I felt at 18 years old, I found my “one and only” and we got married. Shortly after, we were pregnant with our first child. We were going to church, but we were still lost.

We almost divorced. I started coming to Caring Hearts and began the HUGS Bible study. I started praying and searching for a new church. I found one that was just down the street. Between HUGS and my new church, I was hearing the true Gospel. We were both baptized and found a new family who loves us and makes sure that we continue to walk with God. I thank God for my church, but I also thank Him for Caring Hearts because of all the love, comfort and help they offer. They are doing beautiful things. They are examples that we as women should follow. I pray and hope that my testimony can inspire you to look and search for the Lord, as it says in Matt. 7:7 “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.