Client Corner, meet Neshundra

“When I first came, Caring Hearts Pregnancy Center was then called “Crisis Pregnancy Center.” I was truly in a crisis. My child’s father was no where around and I had very little money. The Lord led me here. I was relieved when I found such a place to help me with diapers and clothes for my son. I was excited that they offered classes for Bible study and parenting. These classes have helped me a great deal because often I didn’t know how to do or

what to do. These women prayed for me, listened to me and cared for me when family didn’t. They helped me to realize how much I was and am loved by God and how much my children need my love and support. I am truly thankful for Caring Hearts Pregnancy Center. I’ve been coming here since my 7 year old was 2 and now I have 2 boys, 7 and 18 months old. They have given me so much. I call that the grace of God. I know that these are women of God who take there time out for other women and young ladies.