• Kara McBrayer

Client Corner: Meet Carly

“I remember the day as if I am living it now. I woke up and checked my email, and there it was, "Congratulations, Carly, you have been accepted into the ASU nursing program." The day I had waited for so long had finally come. Finally, I could begin to pursue my dream of being a nurse practitioner. Later that day, I stopped by the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of the cutest little bear with a big “O” monogrammed on its stomach. Thinking to myself, "if I had a little girl, I would name her Olivia." The bear also made me realize I needed to refill my birth control. A baby was the last thing I needed with a rocky relationship and especially not during my schooling. I grabbed a cheap pregnancy test and took it back to my boyfriend’s house. I stared at the plus sign as tears rolled down my face.

I walked into the bedroom where my boyfriend was and handed him the test. I will never forget how he looked at me, a look of pure disgust. I wanted him to be there for me. I begged him to hold me, he said no and rolled his eyes. The next day he told me we didn't need a baby and handed me $700 for an abortion. My heart sank as the crisp money hit my hand, the money that would take away my sweet innocent baby. I drove to the abortion clinic. I turned around 3 times wanting to go to Caring Hearts. I knew nothing about them, other than they gave free ultrasounds. I ended up making it to the abortion clinic. I remember couples being in the waiting room together, mothers and daughters, then there was just me on my own. I looked down and saw a magazine and thought to myself, "if I was at any other clinic that had anything to do with babies, the magazines would be full of babies, but I'm sure they cut all the babies out of that magazine."

At that moment, it hit me. I couldn't sit there another minute. I told the woman at the desk I was leaving, and she handed the money back. "We are here if you need us," she said. I thought to myself, "I'm sure I will be back, I just have to know how far along I am". If I was over 12-14 weeks, I would keep the baby. If not, I had planned to go back to the abortion clinic the next day. When I got to Caring Hearts, everyone was so nice. I felt so much less anxiety. They took me back and I saw my sweet innocent baby on the screen. I knew I had made the right decision by leaving the abortion clinic.

I was 4 weeks pregnant, much less than what I thought it would take to change my mind. The women at Caring Hearts talked with me and truly listened to my concerns. At the time, I was living out of my car and wouldn't have had a place stay. They connected me with people who have apartments for mothers with no place to go, which Olivia and I still live at today. I have also been able to continue my education through the resources I was given through Caring Hearts and will begin my nursing program in January. I thought having a baby would close doors for me when in the end it only opened them. I am forever grateful to the women who volunteer at Caring Hearts. If they had not been there for me, my sweet Olivia would not be here with me today.”

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