Client Corner, Latisha

I love this program and how much the program helps me. My income is very low so I’m not able to afford all the things I need for each of my children. Through the Earn While You Learn and HUGS classes, I am able to provide for my children. By coming here, I also learn methods and techniques that help me be a better mother. This is the right place to come to learn and grow to be a better parent. I’ve become closer to God and my family because my mentor Mrs. Karen has taught me a lot as a mother, and how to become a better Christian.

I was riding the bus with my six children weekly to attend these classes; therefore, I was often running late. I kept getting frustrated because I knew I was so late. Mrs. Jennifer approached me and we discussed my tardiness. I explained to her my situation and shared with her how much Caring Hearts has done for my children and me. I told her that if I had my own car I would be able to be here on time. I would also be able to get my family to church every week. Mrs. Jennifer then asked me to share in the newsletter my experience. Some people struggle whether it’s financially, spiritually, emotionally, or because of lack of transportation. I was at my breaking point. My angel, my mentor, Mrs. Karen has been here to have a listening ear with encouraging and inspirational words. I was at home one day when Mrs. Karen and Mrs. Jennifer came to my house. Mrs. Jennifer asked me if I needed a vehicle and I almost had a heart attack. I couldn’t believe this was really happening. I cannot express how I’m forever grateful for Mrs. Karen and especially Mrs. Jennifer. She could have thought of any other client, but she thought of me.

My family and I love Caring Hearts. They may not be able to help everybody with a car, but I was happy to be the one blessed! The people here are helping me to become a parent who can deal with real life issues. This is a program that keeps engaging and actually giving from their hearts. They are dedicated to their purposes. I recommend Caring Hearts Pregnancy Center to anyone needing help as a parent.