“Change” for Life. Your Spare Change at Work

The work Caring Hearts Pregnancy Center is doing, creates generational change and provides vital services to those in need. One of many priorities of this ministry is meeting client’s spiritual needs by sharing the Gospel. We do our best to meet their physical needs with free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds, free diapers, free maternity clothes and more. The idea is so simple and the returns are so great that we would like to adopt it as a staple fundraiser.

We need Churches and/or life groups, regardless of the size who are willing to support Caring Hearts Pregnancy Center. Baby bottles are distributed and the participants are given a few weeks to collect the change (or checks or cash) until collection day. Choosing when to run your campaign is an important step in running a successful baby bottle campaign. There are many different options that may work better for certain churches, denominations, or your organization.

Mother’s Day—Father’s Day

By far, the most popular.

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

The anniversary of Roe vs. Wade is (Jan.22nd). The Sunday that is closest to the 22nd churches will hand and collect them 4 to 6 weeks later.

Respect Life Month

October is a great, especially for Catholic Churches.

Vacation Bible School

Allow the kids to collect for a mission project teaches them early to care and give.

Year Round

Choose a time that is best for the church calendar, allow a 4 to 6 week time span. </